Most people, in the beginning of February, are found hustling from the warmth of their homes into their warmed cars and off to work into a cozy office. Well guess where you can find some of the handiest women on a cold Friday February evening? You can find them hustling into the rodeo arena, proudly displaying a particular set of skills used in ranch life. At the Stephens County Fair and Expo Center indoor arena, On February 7th, in Duncan Oklahoma, nine teams (36 cowgirls) competed in the Chisholm Trail Women’s Ranch Rodeo, kicking off the 2020 Women’s Ranch Rodeo Association season. The Oklahoma Horse Fair, celebrating its 18th year, held two WRRA sanctioned rodeos which events consisted of doctoring, sorting and mugging. The events are sanctioned by the WRRA and are modeled after real life ranch work used to care for livestock.

As you can tell from their times, the cold winter months don't slow these cowgirls down. With each rodeo paying $600 in each event, these nine teams were eager for their chance in the action filled arena. In Rodeo 1, Push Hard Cattle Company pushed to win the doctoring (30.28) and the mugging (1:01.53). With five no times in the sorting so far, DEAR Cattle Company, sorts out three cattle, in a tough set of cattle, being a 47.72 which claimed 1st. Push Hard finished strong with a 2nd in the sorting to secure the win in Rodeo 1. J Bar placed 2nd and 7J and DEAR Cattle tied for 3rd.

Things heated up fast in the Rodeo 2, with Push Hard continuing their winning streak sorting 3 head in a time of 40.59. The Espuela Ranch turned in an impressive time of 17.37 in the doctoring. And wrapping it up in the mugging was Rockin’ P with a 35.22. Push Hard Cattle Company pulled off another 1st place in Rodeo 2 and claimed the average of the two rodeos. DEAR Cattle Company, followed them with a close 2nd and finishing in 3rd was 7J. First place paid $1400 and 2nd place received $1000. The top team from each rodeo were invited to participate in the Men’s Ranch Rodeo Penning. With two of the Push Hard teammates unable to attend, fellow competitors (who just finished competing against each other), teamed up to take on the men's teams. Kelsey Thomas of Espuela, and Michelle Dyer and Whitney Hall of the Rockin’ P, joined Billie Franks and Neesa Smith on the Push Hard Cattle Co to grab 3rd place in the penning.

The big crowd that braved the February night to witness these cowgirls in action enjoyed a great performance. Congratulations to Push Hard Cattle Company and welcome, to our five new WRRA teams: Turpin Cattle Co, 7J Cattle Co, DEAR Cattle Co, Hinchman & Jolly Ranch, and Rockin’ P. For more results and great action photos go to our web page, or find us on Facebook, WRRA. Also look for our season schedule and make plans to join us at a rodeo!

Submitted by LeAnn Perry


"It's amazing what we can do when we come together!"

-Billie Franks WRRA Co-founder

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