Day-to-day working with livestock trains us to be ready for the unexpected. We are often the last to ask for help and the first ones present when others need help. Times are inevitable when we face an unanticipated event that puts us in an unstable or dangerous situation.


The WRRA Crisis Fund helps our cowgirls and their families when unforeseen situations occur. The Women's Ranch Rodeo assists members in various ways: those hurt during a rodeo, women diagnosed with illness, families who have lost their homes to fires, and more.


Monies are raised through raffles, silent auctions and promotional sales. We rely on donations as well, to enable us to further help our members in need. 

What will my donation support?

In recent years as a result of many people's generous hearts, the association has been able to help many members in their time of crisis. The recipient is selected through a nomination process. Any member can nominate another member throughout the year and the board keeps track of all nominations. 


The association was able to help:

  • families who have lost their homes dues to fires.

  • a new mother with unforeseen medical bills to due to pregnancy complications. 

  • support the children whose mother (a member) died tragically in a car accident. 


Each year our association also donates causes which align with the beliefs and our WRRA mission such as:

How can I donate to the WRRA CRISIS FUND?

You can donate to our CRISIS FUND in a number of ways and increments with all proceeds going to support the above. For every $25 donation we'll send you (or a friend) our WRRA Cookbook with over 108 recipes from our WRRA members, family and friends as a special thank you! This hard cover 3 ring binder is a great way to store and organize your favorite recipes along with tips for cooking, nutrition and much more! 

"It's amazing what we can do when we come together!"

-Billie Franks WRRA Co-founder

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